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On CommCare ODK there are several additional question types that cannot be used on the J2ME version.  There are also some unique configuration or design issues to keep in mind while building your app.

Here are some guidelines and suggestions.

Image Question (captures an image)

CCODK cannot accept large image files.  Anything greater than 1MB could cause issues including slow syncing and failure to upload the picture to CCHQ.

The best rule of thumb is to use a small (< 1MB) file size when taking pictures within CC.  VGA files seem to work particularly well.  You may have to manually adjust this in your camera app if you prefer to take larger size pictures outside of CommCare.

If you are looking at a report in CCHQ and you either can't find an image you know you captured, or you see an image file name but it is not linked to anything, make sure that you did not take a very large image.

Using Multimedia (Images, Audio) in Your ODK App

When adding multimedia files for your app you should find a folder called "odk" in your SD card, or if you don't have an SD card, on your phone's general storage.  If you don't have an SD card you can connect your phone to a computer and ensure that USB storage is activated on your phone.  You should be able to navigate to the "odk" folder and add any files.

If you can't find the "odk" folder make sure that you have correctly installed ODK-collect (see here).

The current version of CCODK does not "validate" or check that you have all of your media files in the correct place.  If CC can't find the file it may cause an application error or make the program unstable.  If you keep having an issue with an application error in a spot where you know there should be media, double check the filepaths in CCHQ and file names in the multimedia folder.

For more detail on using multimedia in CommCare click here.

Case List Details

In CCODK case list view it is important not to put too much text or data in the "short view" as this will make it very difficult to navigate through the case list.  Click here for more information on case lists.

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