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Purpose: get a list of cases. The list of cases may be presented to the end user a simple list of cases, where each case name incudes a hyperlink to access detailed information about the case.

Base URL: https://www.commcarehq.org/a/[domain]/api/v0.5/case/

Authentication: For more information, please review CommCare's API Authentication Documentation.

Input parameters:

In addition to all Case Data parameters, you may use the following input parameters to filter results and control paging

owner_idUser or Group UUID (optional)owner_id=ac9d34ff59cf6388e4f5804b12276d8aAll cases owned by that entity (should not use with user)
user_idUser UUID (optional)user_id=3c5a623af057e23a32ae4000cf291339All cases last modified by that user
typeType of case (optional)type=pregnant_motherAll cases matching the type
closedCase status (optional)
Supported: false, true (defaults to both)
closed=trueAll open/closed/both cases

A date (and time). Will return only cases that have had data modified since the passed in date.



This is the recommended field to use for data pagination.

It is very similar to server_date_modified, but handles edge cases better.

indexed_on_endA date (and time). Will return only cases that have had data modified before the passed in date.



date_modified_startModified after this date (phone date)



Defaults to the first submission date.
date_modified_endModifed before this date (phone date)date_modified_end=2012-05-27Defaults to the current date.
server_date_modified_startModified after this date (server date)server_date_modified_start=2012-05-20Defaults to the first submission date.
server_date_modified_endModifed before this date (server date)server_date_modified_end=2012-05-27Defaults to the current date.
limitThe maximum number of records to return.limit=100Defaults to 20. Maximum is 5000.
offsetThe number of records to offset in the results.offset=100Defaults to 0.
external_id'external_id' propertyexternal_id=123abc


Indexed on dateorder_by=indexed_on

Defaults to the oldest indexed_on date 

server_date_modifiedDate after which case was modified on in the serverorder_by=server_date_modifiedDefaults to oldest server_date_modified

Output values:

usernameUser name of case owner, including domainjdoe@example.commcarehq.org
user_idUUID user that owns the case3c5a623af057e23a32ae4000cf291339
owner_idUUID group/user that owns the caseac9d34ff59cf6388e4f5804b12276d8a
case_nameName of caseRose
external_idExternal ID associated with the case123456
case_typeType of casepregnant_mother
date_openedDate and time case was opened2011-11-16T14:26:15Z
date_modifiedDate and time case was last modified2011-12-13T15:09:47Z
closedCase statusfalse
date_closedDate and time case was closed2011-12-20T15:09:47Z

Sample usage:


Sample XML output (Proposed):

		<date_modified>2011-12-13 15:09:47</date_modified>
		<date_closed>2011-12-20 15:09:47</date_closed>

Sample JSON Output:

JSON Format
[ { "case_id" : "45WKYXQRFFU3AT4Y022EX7HF2",
    "closed" : false,
    "date_closed" : null,
    "date_modified" : "2012-03-13T18:21:52Z",
    "domain" : "demo",
    "indices" : {  },
    "properties" : { 
    	"case_name" : "ryan",
        "case_type" : "programmer",
        "date_opened" : "2012-03-13T18:21:52Z",
        "external_id" : "45WKYXQRFFU3AT4Y022EX7HF2",
        "gender" : "m",
        "languages" : "python java javascript c php erlang love",
        "owner_id" : null,
        "role" : "artisan"
    "server_date_modified" : "2012-04-05T23:56:41Z",
    "server_date_opened" : "2012-04-05T23:56:41Z",
    "user_id" : "06414101dc45bcfdc963b8cb1a1ebdfd",
    "version" : "1.0",
    "xform_ids" : [ "3HQEXR2S0GIRFY2GF40HAR7ZE" ]
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