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Users must be registered with CommConnect before they can receive reminders or SMS surveys.  Users can be registered in a variety of ways (a web-based application, in bulk through Excel (Bulk Registration of Contacts).  They can also register themselves using SMS.  

To register for the system, the user must send the following message, replacing <projectname> with the name of your CommCareHQ project. 

join <projectname>

This message is sent to one of the SMS backends supported by the project (see Setup SMS Gateway for Project).  Once a case is registered, its highly recommended that a follow-up survey is sent to capture additional information to identify that phone number (name, etc.).  This is described in Send a Welcome Message or Survey.

Configure SMS Registration

  1. Select the gear button on the top right of the screen.  This will take you to project settings.  You must a be project admin in order to do this. 
  2. Find the setting "Enable Case Registration Via SMS" and set it to true.  The following information needs to be provided:
  • SMS Case Registration Type: This the case type that should be created when the user sends the message.
  • SMS Case Registration Owner: This is the mobile worker that will own this newly registered case.  In some situations, you may need to create a dummy mobile worker for these directly registered cases.
  • SMS Case Registration Submitting User: This is the mobile worker that is specified as submitting the registration.  The majority of the time, this is a same as the registration owner. 

Save the Project Settings once this is complete.  

The above configuration will create a person case for the user sheel if a message is sent to one of the SMS gateways configured for the project.  Once this is done, its is recommended that additional information is captured about that person by sending a welcome survey.  

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