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Users must be registered with CommConnect before they can receive reminders or SMS surveys.  Users can be registered in a variety of ways (a web-based application, in bulk through Excel (Bulk Registration of Contacts).  They can also register themselves using SMS.  

To register for the system, the user must send the following message, replacing <projectname> with the name of your CommCareHQ project. The message to send also depends on whether the user is registering to become a case or a mobile worker:

Case Registration over SMS:

join <projectname>

Mobile Worker Registration over SMS:

join <projectname> worker

This message is sent to one of the SMS backends supported by the project (see Setup SMS Connection for Project).  If you are registering cases, once a case is registered, its highly recommended that a follow-up survey is sent to capture additional information to identify that phone number (name, etc.).  This is described in Send a Welcome Message or Survey.

Configure SMS Registration

  1. Go to your project's SMS Settings page (Messaging -> General Settings). You must a be project admin in order to do this. 

  2. To enable case registration over SMS, enable the "Case Self-Registration" option.  The following information needs to be provided:
  • Default Case Type: This the case type that should be created when the person sends the message.
  • Default Case Owner: This is the mobile worker or group that will own this newly registered case.  In some situations, you may need to create a dummy mobile worker for these directly registered cases.
  • Registration Submitter: This is the mobile worker that is specified as submitting the registration.  The majority of the time, this is a same as the registration owner. 

The above configuration will create a participant case for the user gc if a case registration message is sent to one of the SMS gateways configured for the project.  Once this is done, its is recommended that additional information is captured about that person by sending a welcome survey.  

3. To enable mobile worker registration over SMS, enable the "SMS Mobile Worker Registration" option on the same SMS settings page.


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