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It may be useful to increment counters in a case values, the typical example being the number of Ante Natal Consultations (ANC) or Post Natal Consultations (PNC) a patient received. The case stores the number of consultations received and each form stores a number of the consultation received at that time. Such counters are implemented with a couple of hidden form values and a single case value.

Staying with the ANC example, the form has these hidden values:

  • Use a hidden value called /anc/previous_anc_number to get the number of ANC already received by the patient. If the patient is experiencing her third ANC, this value is 2.  Load this hidden value from the case property called anc_number
  • Use another hidden value (/anc/anc_number) to compute the current ANC number by adding 1 to /anc/previous_anc_number
  • Since anc/previous_anc_number can be blank in the case of a first ANC, we need a more complicated Calculate Condition of coalesce(/anc/previous_anc_number, 0) + 1
  • We then save  /anc/anc_number to the case, using the case property name /anc/anc_number


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