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This is a FAQ for existing users who have been using case management without Easy References.

How do Easy References change my app building workflow?

Easy References make it a whole lot easier to reference case properties in a form, effectively getting rid of the "loading" step. See this blog for a detailed outline.

You will also stop seeing "/data/" as a way to reference form questions. Instead, we have replaced "/data/" with a more intuitive "#form". See our handy hashtag reference cheat sheet for more information.

Do Easy References affect how I save questions to the case as case properties?

No, this workflow is unchanged.

Can I use Easy References with Child cases?

Easy References work with parent/child relationships for up to two levels. The case properties window will display case properties of the child case, its parent, and even its grandparent if that exists.

See our handy hashtag reference cheat sheet for more information.

Do Easy References work with the user case?

No, unfortunately Easy References do not yet work with the user case. You will still need to "load" user case properties into the form for now. We hope to have Easy References for the user case soon!

I want my existing app to use Easy References. How do I make that happen?

We hope to give every application access to Easy References in the app builder. However, this involves converting your "loaded" case properties to Easy References. We are happy to do this for you, just sign up HERE.

I'm not sure I'm ready for Easy References, do I have to upgrade my app?

Not right away - but eventually every app will upgrade to Easy References. We will reach out to the web users on your project to give you plenty of notice before we convert your application.

I'm about to copy my existing app, will the copy use Easy References?

No, copying your app will make an exact copy - no Easy References until you upgrade?

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