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Form Preview

Your form is ready to test!


Beginner Tutorial Part 4 Learning Objectives
  • How to test forms using the Preview Form feature


One way to test is to install the application on the phone- in the next section we will walk through that process. However, when you are making lots of changes to a form there is an easier way to test.


CAREFUL: Do not hit "submit"

This feature is only meant to test logic and validation. DO NOT click "submit" at the bottom, as it will look like a real data submission and will make your reports and data analysis confusing.


Save your form and then click on the name of the form on the left side of the screen.

Below the form name, next to "edit," click on "Preview Form."

The form will open in a separate tab. Remember, do NOT click on "submit" at the end.


You should see something that looks like this:

Try filling out parts of the form- you will notice a couple of strange things:

  • When you answer "no" to "Has the woman given birth to children that are still alive?" you are still able to put numbers for number of living boys and girls. That doesn't make sense!
  • You can put very large numbers for the number of living boys- what if user means to put "1" and they accidentally put 111? We should try to prevent that.


Using the app on the web is great! Why can't I use it to submit data?

Great question! You can read more about web apps here. Basically right now you are logged into CommCare as a CommCareHQ/web user. In order to submit data in a straightforward way, you would need to log into CommCare as a CommCare mobile worker. Many projects use web apps as the clinical or facility-based component of their project. However, unlike CommCare mobile, you must have an Internet connection to use web apps. Note that you must also subscribe to a CommCare Software Plan for full access to web apps.


We can fix some of these issues by adding some logic to the form. That's what we're going to do in the next section!

Go to the next section, Part 5.

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