SMS Gateway Questions for Aggregators


General Information

  1. Do you provide an SMS shortcode?  Do you provide an SMS longcode?
  2. Is the shortcode/longcode dedicated or shared?  (We required dedicated.)
  3. Is the shortcode reverse billed?
  4. How long does it take to setup a shortcode/longcode?
  5. Do you support all network providers in the country?
  6. SLA (service level agreement) and uptime
  7. Does your pricing vary across networks?



  1. How do we connect our server to your system? Our server is hosted in the United States.
  2. What is your throughput? (messages per second)
  3. Can we get your API specification?

Technical Requirements

Gateways must meet a set of technical requirements. Please ensure and document whether a provider’s services meet the following technical requirements:




Connectivity across all mobile telco networks in <country>

The ability to send and receive messages from all mobile networks within <country>.


HTTPS encrypted API

An HTTPS encrypted API to send and receive messages from the gateway.

      The gateway will send received messages to an encrypted endpoint on Dimagi’s server.

      Dimagi will post to the provider’s HTTPs API to trigger sending a message. 


All data on the gateway is stored locally

Messages are available for review locally even after they have been forwarded to Dimagi’s server.


Error notification

The gateway will provide information to Dimagi’s server about failed messages (due to DND, invalid phone numbers, etc.) through the API and a management interface.


Multipart SMS messages

The gateway will provide the ability to send multipart messages for messages over the SMS limit.


Reply to gateway

End users will have the ability to reply to the sending number to respond to the message from the gateway.







Setup Fee (dedicated shortcode/longcode/reverse-billed shortcode)


Monthly Fee


Outgoing Message Fee


Incoming Message Fee


Reverse Billed Message Fee (if exists)