CommCareHQ allows you to setup SMS surveys and reminders.  These can be integrated with the data for existing CommCare application or provide a stand-alone SMS system.    The overall reminder and survey system is called CommConnect.  

Here are some example use cases:

At a high level, CommConnect lets you do the following:

  1. Recipients - Messages can be sent to a mobile worker (ex. a CHW) or a phone number stored in a case (ex. the beneficiary) 
  2. Timed and Conditional Messages -  Messages can be controlled and scheduled based on the state of a case (ex. the delivery date or whether a mother is high risk).  
  3. Simple Message - A simple text message can be sent that references information in the case (ex. the case's name).  
  4. Interactive Survey - An interactive SMS survey (based on a form designed in CommCareHQ).  This can be used to update or close a particular case.  
  5. Incoming Keywords -  A user can initiate interaction with the system (ex. requesting a counselling message) by sending a message to the system.  

Configuring Recipients

Both cases and mobile workers need to be configured specially for use with CommConnect. 

  1. Configure a Mobile Worker for CommConnect
  2. Configure a Case for CommConnect

Configuring Reminders

Set-up Reminders