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CommCare allows you to schedule SMS messages, emails or IVR (voice calls) to cases and mobile workers registered in the system.  Here are some example usage cases: 

Messaging allows you to setup keywords (so users can send messages and data to the system on their own), reminders (scheduled conditional messages to a specific phone number) and broadcasts (mass messages or surveys to group of numbers).  

The SMS Basics page covers basic information about how SMS works and is priced in CommCareHQ.  

If you have questions, check out the Frequently Asked Questions page. 

Setting Up Your Project for Messaging

Type of Messaging

When starting your project, you need to decide between outgoing-only and two-way messaging.  Check out CommCare Messaging Vocabulary to learn more. 

Choosing a Phone Number (SMS Connectivity)

To send and receive messages CommCare needs to use a phone number to send messages.  This is also called a gateway.  Depending on the country of your project, scale and type of messaging required, the following options are available:

More details on SMS options are available here: Gateway Options for SMS Projects.  Once you've chosen a gateway option, use the SMS Connectivity page for your project. 

Messaging Tutorial

Use the Messaging Beginner Tutorial to create a basic SMS project and learn how messaging is configured in CommCareHQ.