This tutorial will introduce how to begin to build a CommCare application through the CommCareHQ application builder. 

We are going to start with a simple application in which there is one form: a form to screen a pregnant woman.

Before starting this tutorial, please make sure you have reviewed CommCare Fundamentals, the first tutorial about CommCare. It contains important basic information about CommCare that will help you in completing this tutorial.

In this tutorial you will learn the following:

  • Creating a new CommCare Workspace
  • Use of the CommCare Form Builder
  • Building and testing CommCare applications

The specific skills you will learn are:

  • Setting up a new Work Space
  • Changing form, module, and application names
  • Creating a new form
  • Adding, deleting, and changing the order of questions in a form
  • Adding Question IDs and Display Text to a question
  • Adding a display condition using the Expression Builder
  • Adding a validation condition using the Expression Builder
  • Making a new version of your application
  • Testing a form in CommCare

Do you have everything you need?

Any Questions before we start?

Throughout this tutorial, instructions on what to do are indicated in bold italics. Other text is for your information or clarification. Click on "Setting up a new CommCare Workspace" below to get started.


Get Started with the Different Sections of this Tutorial:

  1. Setting up a new CommCare Workspace (you can skip this if you already have a CommCareHQ workspace and account)
  2. Setting up your Application - learn how to navigate in the CommCare Application Builder
  3. Using the Form Designer - make your first CommCare form
  4. Adding Form Logic- the next step in making your form usable!
  5. Releasing and Testing your First Application

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