In the Advanced Case Management Tutorial you will build upon the application you made in the Beginner Case Management Tutorial to be come a Case Management Master!

  • Why to save data to the case as case properties
  • How to save data to the case as case properties
  • Add/remove properties from the Case List
  • Distinguish between Case List and Case Details
  • Change Display Text in the Case List
  • Change case properties to the appropriate format in Case List
  • Why to load data from the case
  • How to load data from the a case
  • How to carry out logic referring to loaded data



Before starting this tutorial you should have completed:

This tutorial starts off where the Basic Case Management Tutorial left off.

Get Started


  1. Saving Data to Case Properties
  2. Advanced Case List Configuration
  3. Case Management Window
  4. Referencing Data Loaded from the Case
  5. How to Create an Edit form
  6. Enabling Supervisor Approval Workflows


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