1. CommConnect Overview
  2. SMS Gateways

Get Started

  1. Setup SMS Gateway for Project.  An SMS gateway is the provider that will be used to send SMSs for your project.  Different countries and regions have different providers. 
  2. Set Time Zone for Project: Since many reminders are sent at a specific time, its important to specify the time zone for your project. 

Configuring Recipients

Both cases and mobile workers need to be configured specially for use with CommConnect. 

  1. Registering an Individual Contact
  2. Configure a Mobile Worker for CommConnect
  3. Bulk Registration of Contacts


  1. Send a Welcome Message or Survey
  2. Sending a Date-Based Reminder
  3. Creating an SMS Survey

Detailed Information

  1. Set-up Reminders
  2. Setup User Initiated Interaction (SMS Keywords)
  3. Self Registration
  4. Broadcast Messaging

Best Practices

CommConnect Best Practices and FAQs