Export repeat groups

Export a case or form in JSON representation 

Something important to note, in this query file we are not applying any filters and considering that the "Data Source" is generic this would include all forms or cases regardless of their type.

Export one row for each case that was altered by a form

Determine if a case was created, update or closed by a form

This will produce a 'True' or 'False' value in the output.

Determine if a form was submitted form a mobile phone or via some other means (API, bulk upload, Cloudcare etc)

Convert output values based on a mapping

Available in version 0.12.5 and above.

In some instances you may want to convert an output value to something else by doing a 'lookup'. For example:

Convert this outputTo this output



To do this we need to add a 'Mappings' sheet to our configuration file which contains the lookups for the fields we want to convert.

Here is our configuration sheet:

And here we've added a new sheet called "Mappings" which contains 3 columns:

Here is the Mapping sheet from our example: