The bulk application translation tool allows you to manage all of the translations in your application through one Excel file. These include:

Using the Bulk Application Translations Tool

Downloading the Spreadsheet

The bulk application translation relies on a structured Excel file. Click the settings icon next to the name of your application. There, you can download this file by navigating to the Bulk Application Translations file in the Language tab of your application:

Before downloading the file make sure that you have already added any languages you want to the Language List. You can change the order later if you choose to.

Download the structured file by clicking on the green button:

The Excel Translation File

When you open the Excel file you will see it has a number of tabs:

General Module and Form Info

The Modules_and_forms sheet allows you to specify the name of features at the menu and general form level. There is a row for each menu and a row for each form. There a couple columns pre-populated for each item:

For each form or module you can specify the following fields (for each of these there will be one additional column for each language, indicated by the language code at the end of the name):

Below is an example:

Details of Module and Form Content

For each menu in the app there will be one tab (ex. module1, module2) and for each form with a unique menu, a separate tab (ex. module1_form1, module1_form2)

Module Tabs

On the module tabs you can specify translations for the case list and case details screens. The excel file will have the following fields

ID Mapping

If there is ID mapping in your case list or details the template will have a separate row for each option. Next to the case property will be a note about whether the line is the general text or one of the mapping values.


If there are graphs in your case list or details the template will have a separate row for each graph title and annotation.

Form Tabs

Form tabs follow the same structure as Form Bulk Translation.

If you change the order of any forms or modules in the app builder you will need to download the Excel Translation File again and start over. The file references the order of the forms and modules and the upload will fail if they no longer match.

Uploading the Translations

Once you have updated the translations you can return to the Bulk Application Translations tab and upload the file.

If you have any errors you should see a message explaining the error. After fixing the error you can try again.

In general the application builder will skip any single item that has an error and make all of the other changes, so another option is to just make any final changes in the Application Builder.