Welcome Message Reminder


We'll now setup a reminder that will only be sent to mothers who have been flagged by the CHW as needing to visit the clinic. This message will also be setup to repeat on a weekly basis until the CHW visits the mother and indicates that she no longer needs to visit the clinic.

  1. Add another reminder to the project (go to the Messaging tab, then choose Reminders and then click on the + Reminder button).

  2. We'll now configure which pregnant mothers will receive this reminder.  Give the reminder a name (ex. High Risk Clinic Visit) then scroll to the Start Section. 
  3. The next step is to choose who will receive the reminder. We want this reminder to go to the case (the pregnant woman), so choose Case.

  4. We can now specify the message content to send. Choose the SMS send option and provide the message to send. For this reminder, we can set the message to "Please visit the clinic for a checkup. Clinic is on Tuesday mornings."

  5. We will also configure to reminder to Repeat every week until the mother visits the clinic. Choose the Indefinitely option and specify that the reminder should repeat every 7 days.

    Reminders will automatically stop sending if   condition used to start the reminder becomes false.  In this case, if send_clinic_visit_reminder does not equal yes, the reminder will stop.    You can also stop a reminder by using a stop condition, specified in Advanced Options. 

  6. Our reminder is now setup so we can go ahead and choose the Create Reminder button.

We'll now follow a similar process to setup our final reminder for the tutorial.   This reminder will instead go to the health worker, indicating that the mother is due for delivery soon and she should be checked up on.  

Date Based Reminder