Date Based Reminder


Now that our reminders and application is setup, you can use a mobile worker to register a new pregnant mother and view her scheduled reminders on CommCareHQ.  

Setup a Sample Case

  1. Register a new mobile worker for your project and add a new phone number as described in the Setup a Mobile Worker for Messaging

  2. Install the application on a phone and register a new pregnant woman using the application.   Make sure you enter a valid phone number (including country code) when registering the mother.  
  3. Fill out the Follow Up form and indicate that the woman has risk symptoms and hasn't visited the clinic yet.  

Viewing Cases in the Calendar

Go to the Messaging tab and click on Reminder Calendar in the left bar.  You'll see the each upcoming message scheduled to go out to cases and mobile workers.   For repeating reminders, only the next scheduled reminder will be displayed.  

Viewing Messages in the Log

The message log can be used to view a history of all messages sent for the project.   To view the message log, go to the Reports tab and choose Message Log from the left bar.  You can choose a date range and filter to specif messages by message type.  If you leave Message Type blank, it will show all messages.   Click on the Apply button to view the messages in your chosen date range. 

Basic Troubleshooting

If your messages are not in the message log, there is some basic troubleshooting that you can do. 

Other troubleshooting tips are available here: Messaging Troubleshooting


Congratulations, you've completed the messaging beginner tuturial!  Use the Messaging - SMS in CommCare page to read more about messaging and other functionality.