Covers the basic use of the form building, including adding, removing, and changing common types of questions, changing order, adding basic display and validation conditions, and defining basic question content. The basic use of the application builder is also covered.

You can learn everything in this module by completing the Beginner Tutorial.

This module requires completion of:

  • CommCare Fundamentals
  • CommCareHQ Basics


Learning ObjectiveThe Learner Should be able to:Link to Resources
Recognize and explain the function of each part of the application builder
  • Recognize the following sections: Deploy, Settings, Multimedia, Languages, Application Structure, Actions
Beginner Tutorial Part 2 - Navigating and Preparing the Application Builder
Create a blank application
  • Navigate to the applications tab and click the link next to "make a new application"

Change and save changes  application, module, and form names
  • Explain where to go to update each one of these
Beginner Tutorial Part 2 - Navigating and Preparing the Application Builder
Identify and explain the function of the different parts of the form builder
  • Recognize the Question Bar, Question Tree, and Question Properties sections
Form Builder
Add, delete, and change the order of questions in a form
  • Recall that there is no "undo" button
Form Builder
Explain the purpose of different question types and identify where to go for more information on question types
  • Use the Form Builder page on the help site for more information on each question type
Form Builder
Explain the role of Question IDs and what is/is not acceptable in one
  • Explain whether or not Question IDs are acceptable when given examples.
Form Builder
Add and edit label text
  • Distinguish between label text and the label question type
Form Builder
Distinguish between the form builder and the form settings page
  • Access the form builder by clicking on "edit" or the small pencil icon on a form's name
Form Builder
Test a form in CloudCare using the Preview Form button
  • Access the Preview Form from the Form Settings page
Using Web Apps
Make a question required and explain what that means
  • Describe possible drawbacks of making a questions required
Form Builder
Add a basic display condition using the Expression Builder
  • Define display conditions and explain how they works
  • Add display conditions to a form
Beginner Tutorial Part 5
Add validation conditions using the Expression Builder
  • Define validation conditions and explain how they work
  • Add validation conditions
Beginner Tutorial Part 5
Locate the Advanced Tools section of the Form Builder
  • Find the options for bulk translations, export form contents, etc.
Form Builder