This module covers installing, updating, and troubleshooting CommCare applications on Android devices. After completing this module, learners will be competent in managing mobile devices and the general technical support aspects of a CommCare Android deployment.


This module requires completion of:

  • CommCare Fundamentals
  • CommCareHQ Basics
  • Using CommCare Android


Learning ObjectiveThe learner should be able to:Links
Download and update the CommCare client from the Google Play Store
  • Distinguish between the CommCare client and the CommCare app content
  • Recognize and respond to the requirement for a google account to use the Play Store
  • Determine whether the CommCare client is up-to-date, and update if necessary
Install CommCare for Android Smartphones
Locate, install, and update a CommCare application
  • Find the deploy QR or app code on CommCareHQ
  • Use online install, with or without multimedia, to install the app over a network connection
  • Use offline install to install the app without a network connection
  • Use the CommCareHQ Application Status report to determine whether users' apps are up-to-date
  • Guide users through updating their apps

Install CommCare for Android Smartphones

Manage Deployment Reports

Remove a CommCare application from a device
  • Recognize that there can only be one CommCare application at a time on an Android device
  • Navigate to the phone's settings to "clear data" and remove the existing application's content
Updating and Changing Applications
Configure a device for improved usability
  • Adjust the auto-rotate, keyboard prediction, extraneous shortcuts, sounds, screen sleep timer, etc.
  • Explain the purpose of installing an application lock on a phone
Android Phone Setup
Configure and confirm a phone's GPRS and/or WiFi connectivity
  • Complete basic troubleshooting steps, such as:
    • CommCare network test
    • Checking a website
    • Checking the GPRS configuration
    • Checking the phone's network balance
GPRS Setup
Troubleshoot issues with multimedia files
  • Recognize and identify missing multimedia files
  • Ensure device settings support use of multimedia (i.e. volume is up, silent mode is off, etc.)
Distinguish between technical and other types of issues
  • Determine whether an issue reported by a mobile worker is a technical problem
  • Route non-technical problems to the appropriate person or entity
Report issues for further assistance
  • Determine the appropriate channel for getting support
  • Support users in accurately reporting bugs from CommCare mobile, and follow up by reporting an issue on CommCareHQ
  • Access the CommCare Help Site to look up error messages
  • Report common problems to the CommCare forum
  • Provide extensive detail when reporting issues to Dimagi

CommCare Android Troubleshooting

Bug Reports

Use Manage Deployments Reports to troubleshoot basic mobile issues
  • Use the Application Status Report to determine which application version a mobile worker is using, and the last time that they synced with the server
  • Use the User Sync History Report to explore the history of a user's sync events
Manage Deployment Reports