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CommCare Messaging Frequently Asked Questions


SMS Basics

When should people use CommCare Messaging?


When is SMS not the right technology solution? 


When should I use SMS instead of a CommCare app?


How can I see my messaging data?


How is the SMS Export different from the Message Log?

Can I send SMS reminders over e-mail? 

Can CommCare Messaging work with USSD?

How do I specify a language for sending messages?

Case Management

How can I use case management in Messaging? 

What case properties are useful to set-up a Messaging project?

What is the best process for building complex messaging? 

Can we dynamically trigger a workflow with SMS answers?

How does CommCare support requests for in-app messaging?

Can you set a case based triggers to arbitrary phone numbers or users (mobile and web)?


When do I need to set up a gateway?

What common risks should I be aware of regarding gateways?

How do the established gateways on HQ work?

Are gateways free?

Who manages SMS gateways?

Does CommCare have a preferred Gateway provider? 

What is the volume cut-off for a Telerivet gateway versus going to Telecoms?

How do I manage the SMS sending rate limit? Does it depend on my Telerivet subscription level? 

Is there a difference in Message Loads between inbound and outbound SMS? 

How do you test an SMS gateway?

How do you test a gateway in multiple countries?

SMS Surveys

What question types can I use to send out questions via SMS survey? 

What are limitations for using SMS Surveys?

How flexible is two way messaging?

How do you test that the SMS survey is setup correctly?

How do I test the send time of an SMS Survey?

SMS Reminders

How do I reference a case property in an sms reminder? 

What happens when you re-activate a multi-event reminder?

What is the index day a multi-event reminder? 

QA and Troubleshooting

In what ways does CommCare Messaging most often break?

How do you test that the project messaging is set-up correctly?

Is testing SMS as difficult as it was a couple years ago?

SMS and Finance


Why does CommCare charge $.01 per SMS message?

This cost is used to support our infrastructure to process all SMS tasks, from scheduling the reminder, to processing the sms, and handing it off to the gateway.

Do we have any messaging budget tools?

How much does it cost to send messages internationally?

SMS Implementation 

Has anyone done an SMS project where the intended beneficiary did not have a phone but the husband did? 

What is the best time of day to send reminder messages?